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I'm Brett Alegre-Wood, property investor, author of best-selling The 3+1 Plan - The Insider's Way to Achieve Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties, property educator and Chairman of YPC Group.

I've been working with investors all around the world for over 15 years now, and am known as the UK's most generous property educator. Just go take a look at my property education blog and you'll see what I mean (there's over 600 blogs, 60+ videos and countless reports & downloads all free)

Why? Well - I've always found that informed, educated investors do better than uneducated ones, which is why I've always been passionate about providing free education to my clients -- and today's actually the first time I'm making these materials available outside of my private members-only website,

But the reason why I've put up this site is that I've noticed something recently that's been troubling me.

It's a pattern that I've noticed among investors that have come to me for help over the years. It's taken me a little bit of time but I've finally put my finger on it.

You see, time and time again I meet investors who say to me - Brett, I only want no money down deals. As an investor myself, of course I can see the appeal that no money down deals provide.

But I also know enough about the very real risks involved that I won't touch them, and I'll tell you why in detail in just a moment. In fact, I'll go further -- I'll show you that there's a better and safer way to invest.

Understand first that the reason so many people are attracted to no money down deals is that they think that they can get a quality property for little or no money. Unfortunately, this simply isn't the case.

After listening to the stories of thousands of investors from all over the world I've noticed that when growing their portfolios, nearly all of the investors who lost money made the same mistakes... Not all of them lost £120,000 overnight, but many of them found that even just a couple and the losses add up quickly.

+ £8,000
+ £22,000
+ ?
+ ?
= ££££

So let's go through a few of the mistakes investors who lost money all made...

Mistake number 1 -- Assuming that the discount needed to make a no money down deal work was a real discount

These days, the industry is rife with unscrupulous developers and property companies that grossly overvalue the property in order to give you your no money down purchase. The next time you find a no money down deal at a super-low price, do yourself a favour and ask yourself, if it was worth what they are claiming why are they selling it to you at that amazing price?

Yes, there ARE genuine discounts available but you'll need to do your research and forget about the easy no money down offers out there. Unbelievable, huge discounts are a tell tale sign of an inflated valuation.

Even more importantly, don't be tricked into committing mortgage fraud for your no money down deal!

You will also find that many companies offering these deals will ask you to commit mortgage fraud on your mortgage application in order to purchase the property. In the current climate of crackdowns and prosecutions with valuers, solicitors losing their jobs -- it simply isn't worth considering. The risk to far too great.

Mistake number 2 -- Believing that the rent promised to make a no money down deal work is actually achievable!

Make sure you second guess everything they say about the rent you'll receive.

Do your comparisons in the area and beware of the usual sales persuation tools they use; such as talk of "regeneration", plans for the future and governmental grants. You'd surprised how often properties that cost you nothing to buy lack basic, good sold fundamentals such as shops, schools, transport links, major employers and major investments.

These are essential if your property is going to rent -- AT ANY PRICE!

Don't forget one basic truth about no money down deals

They will always cost you money to keep!

That's the downside of not having much equity (or fake equity!) in a property. Most no-money-down enthusiasts forget this, and fail to plan for changes in the property market, the economy, and interest rates. A no money down property may be affordable now at the time of writing, with rates below 4%, but when they rise, is your no money down property going to be as attractive an investment?

But there is another way to invest with safety that will give you a quality portfolio that delivers you lifestyle

I've written this booklet to deliver my most powerful nuggets of wisdom — concepts and techniques that are guaranteed to make or save you thousands of pounds as you build your property portfolio. They're the exact same techniques that I have used to successfully build my own property portfolio, we well as those of hundreds of direct clients, and over 50,000 of my readers' as well.

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Everything in this booklet is about making it very easy for you to grow your property portfolio without the failed strategies — the thousands of hours of wasted time.

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Who are we?

Your Property Club is the UK's largest publisher of free education to investors. Since 2004 we've have published over 700 articles, videos, blogs and we've decided to make available for the first time ever this property course to the general public. The course materials and videos are available to watch right away -- simply click through to get instant access.

Who is Brett Alegre-Wood?

The man behind all this free education is Brett Alegre-Wood, property investor, educator, Chairman of YPC-Group, and author of The 3+1 Plan, a wildly successful book that shows you how you can fund the retirement you've always dreamed of with just 4 properties. It's at the top of the Amazon property best seller list and the winner of the 2010 People's Book Prize for best non-fiction release of the year.

Brett is a respected industry commentator, property expert and has appeared on GMTV and has been quoted in all of the national newpapers.

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You'll learn the safest time-proven strategies that will guide you and grow your portfolio during any economic boom, bust, recession or downturn.

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Now is the time for jumping in. But jump in with your eyes wide open always. Do your own due diligence, check your rentals and work with people you can trust.

If you're interested in capitalising on this massive opportunity, have questions, want to know more, or want to reserve a time with one of our Portfolio Managers, contact us here, jump on the website, check out my blog, or call us on 0207-812-1255 and begin the journey today.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood